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My Comfy Couch is a safe space for singles to freely express themselves and receive the support needed to live a fulfilled life. The services we provide are to foster the growth of singles worldwide through meaningful conversations.


Whether it's through our dating podcast where singles can express their true sentiments on the dating field today, a one-on-one session where our guests share their most inner thoughts, or a self development course that helps singles to heal from their past relationships, we commit to allowing singles to be their true self and receive the support that they need.

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Our Founder


Nichole Francis
Life Coach and Crisis Counselor

We understand that being single while adulting can have its unique challenges. Many of us are trying to find a healthy work/life balance while desiring romantic companionship. Often times our pursuits are to no avail leaving us with feelings of fatigue and sometimes hopelessness. My Comfy Couch wants to be there for you on those tough days. We promise to listen, not judge, and to support and cultivate you on your journey while single and beyond.


Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. 

With Love,

Nichole Francis, Founder

My Comfy Couch