Why won't a husband leave his wife for a mistress he is madly in love with?

While being single, it isn't uncommon for women to encounter the advances of married men. Depending on what stage in life she's at, it may seem tempting to engage in an extramarital affair. When passionate encounters and deep feelings of connection occur, a mistress may wonder why her lover will not leave his wife and be with her. After all, they're madly in love right?

The truth is that a man can love spending time with a mistress but he can NEVER forget that she started a relationship with him while he was still married. He will not allow himself to believe that she would not do the same to him if they were married or in a serious relationship.

The odds of a man leaving his wife for a mistress are extremely slim. Men value a woman that is trustworthy and faithful. Under these circumstances, he most likely does not see the mistress as such.

So to all the ladies out there waiting around in hopes that the married man you are "dating" will leave his wife for you someday, sis please move on.

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